Best of me




Don’t go by appearances,
happy pictures lie too.
Loneliness and sunsets,
I yearn for you.
No perfect lives just regrets,
trusting illusions just won’t do. IMG_20170426_100212_448.jpg

Meeting Self

IMG_20170424_094352_809.jpgWhere were you all my life ?
I was right here waiting, he says.
Too late, says the tears in my eyes.
But you weren’t ready, he says.
Let her cry,
he tells everyone around me.
And then cry some more
till the darkness lifts that surrounds me.

Real World

IMG_20170420_215102_617.jpgI will come back to real world soon,
don’t want to let go of the place I come from.
Lost figuring out whether it’s night or noon,
is it me or you that am running from ?
Go on, don’t wait for me on the other side.
Could be late or maybe not necessary at all,
I am not going to let you look inside.
Nothing matters anymore, I rise and I fall.


IMG_20170418_220947_785.jpgLove is nothing but a mirror,
I see my reflection in you.
All the best and worst of me,
love heals, love lifts, who knew.
I am seeing me for the first time,
your eyes become a reflection of my soul.
You hold my hand and I leave past behind.
I am beautiful and once again, whole.


IMG_20170411_213305_508.jpgLayer by layer, piece by piece you unravel the mysteries of me.
I am helpless in your hands like an open book.
With just a touch you unravel a new chapter of me.
Don’t look at me, the way you look.
I don’t want you to know all the secrets of me.
You smile like am not a mystery anymore.
How can you love all the parts of me ?
I am just like the waves unraveling at the shore.
Tell me this is love, what else can it be.

via Daily Prompt: Unravel


IMG_20170410_213844_978Unattainable, impossible love, you kill me everyday.
Your eyes, they don’t let me sleep.
Even if we are thousand miles away.
I love you, a million times over.
Today, in this moment and every other day.
You know it and yet I would tell you everyday.


IMG_20170409_140557_251Touch my body.

Break the chains.

Feel my soul.

Heal the pain.

Come so close.

Make us one.

Forget the past.

Future to come.

In this moment,

Only we are.

Love and atonement.

Answer to every prayer.

It’s the very first time.

But our bodies fit together.

Like we have known,

Each other, forever.

It feels like sin.

Things you make me feel.

Every inch of my skin.

Comes alive.

Getting lost in you.

I heal myself.

It’s always been you.

And my quest ends with you.

via Daily Prompt: Heal