Lie to me

IMG_20170519_225828_832.jpgI can’t help but drink too much,

yet somehow nothing helps.

I reach across to touch,

memories and everything else.

You are farther everyday,

I can’t help but obsess.

Can’t you please just stay ?

Lie to me, just say yes.

Summer vacations – Nostalgia

IMG_20170513_145638_941.jpgWhen we were kids, summer vacations meant visiting your grand parents home. All cousins came together and there used to be so much fun. There were no gadgets or TV yet we kept busy, played and laughed.

Do you remember the last time you took a bath in tube well water ? Playing in water all day long in summers meanwhile mom shouting the at us to get out of the water.

I remember there was a road close to my granny house with mango trees on both sides. We used to go and collect raw mangoes, come back home and eat it with salt and sugar.

My granny used to make such amazing summer drinks like Jalzeera, aam panna and pudina drinks at home. Restaurants can never match the taste of those drinks. It’s amazing how my grand mothers used to make everything from delicacies to eat, chavanprash, shampoo and soaps at home. She tried to teach me but I always ran away to play.

One of my fondest memories is that when there was a power cut at night, all the kids used to be so happy. We all used to make a group and went out for walks. We used to tell each other silly ghost stories. I remember chasing fireflies. Why don’t we see them anymore ? I can’t remember the last time I saw them. Our childhood was simple and whenever I think of summer holidays, my heart is overwhelmed with memories and nostalgia.

What are your favorite memories of childhood and especially summer vacations ?


Broke another heart

IMG_20170510_104737_418.jpgI broke another heart for you,

he promised me everything that my heart longs for.

Yet I would rather be alone and wait for you.

Even if you are blissfully unaware and too damn far.

The world tries to convince me there are no soulmates.

But hope doesn’t let me give up on you.

I would go through hell and fight with our fates,

for a glimpse of my true love that resides in you.

Light will find a way

IMG_20170508_213218_209I am falling apart but do you care ?

When everyone is busy looking for elusive happiness,

does anyone really ?

The heart, it only needs a little tenderness,

But you are just like everyone else.

Too used to world’s harshness,

and me, the girl who dreams of love,

left behind with cold blooded nothingness.

Hope tells me I won’t cease to exist,

That light will find a way through this darkness.