Night Souls

IMG_20170630_230637_954.jpgFor people who have darkness inside them, they simply can’t help but love the night. They are the 3 am writers, the lovers, the dreamers, the crazy, the different, the weird ones who find peace within the silence of the night and the insomniacs, who have too many thoughts running in their head that they can’t sleep. They don’t want you to share their loneliness with them but maybe just a little understanding. Trust me when I tell you that no one chooses this life. It’s a gift that we didn’t ask for. It is a burden yet the night brings the solitude that our souls yearn for. There’s a little bit of darkness inside all of us but we the, night souls, were never given any choice. So, we embrace, who we are.



IMG_20170630_121903_525.jpgI went in rain to click this picture. I had to capture the beauty of raindrops on flowers. It just made sense.
Rain cleanses the trees and the flowers and everything looks so beautiful. I wish it could do the same to hearts too, cleanse them of all the pain, regrets and grudges. I wish hearts became beautiful just like these flowers. Even if for a few moments.


IMG_20170627_163546_185.jpgIf I keep traveling, if I keep leaving behind, the people and places, I think pain will never be able to catch up with me. Someday it will just get tired of chasing me and will finally give up on me. That would be the day, I would truly escape.


IMG_20170627_085941_576.jpgAll those things about me I hear,
but who am I, behind the masks I wear.
You see the facade,
illusions that I made.
I put on my happy face,
with all the grace.
Smile and hide,
what’s inside.
You are too much effort for some
Or matter too less to some.
Right person will care
but till then, dont you dare.
Play your part,
protect your heart.
Life is such a drama,
or if you believe, karma.
Can you figure me out,
inside and out.
All because of random conversations,
that had too much interruptions.
I am more than what meets your eye,
I am here and yet a lie.
It’s all just a never ending show,
I am more than you will ever know.

Picture credits – Heena Raheja


IMG_20170626_213058_367.jpgEven if my shadow is here,
I am still alone.
What good is this light anyway,
here now and then gone.
I look for you in strangers,
faces, eyes, hands and arms.
I am making too many mistakes
yet world continues to fascinated by fake charms.

Just because

Title – Just because.

I have written this because I see so much judgement and negativity around me. Women, especially, need to empower each other and not pull each other down. I hope for a change and it will come, if we keep trying.