IMG_20170627_085941_576.jpgAll those things about me I hear,
but who am I, behind the masks I wear.
You see the facade,
illusions that I made.
I put on my happy face,
with all the grace.
Smile and hide,
what’s inside.
You are too much effort for some
Or matter too less to some.
Right person will care
but till then, dont you dare.
Play your part,
protect your heart.
Life is such a drama,
or if you believe, karma.
Can you figure me out,
inside and out.
All because of random conversations,
that had too much interruptions.
I am more than what meets your eye,
I am here and yet a lie.
It’s all just a never ending show,
I am more than you will ever know.

Picture credits – Heena Raheja


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