Shiva Cafe

FILE2105.JPGOn the day one of the trip, we had lunch at Trek n Dine Cafe. Post that we decided to visit Bhagsu Naag Temple and water fall. We decided to walk the whole distance.

20180309_171909.jpgTo our disappointment, the waterfall had almost no water. My friends told me that it’s not the case during the monsoons. Since we were already there, we decided to walk a little more and check out Shiva Cafe.

20180309_175605.jpgWe were already very tired from the overnight journey and walking, that’s why the trek upto Shiva Cafe was exhausting. We took many stops to sit and take pictures.

20180309_175551.jpgLet me tell you the trek is worth it. The place is so unique and has very different vibes to it. It’s the kind of place I can sit for hours. A book in hand and my music is all I would need.

20180309_175458.jpgThe place has a great view and decorated with beautiful pictures, and paintings. If I visit Dharamshala again, I will surely visit this place.

20180309_182651My friends tried Maggi and Hukkah. They loved it. I was just happy to be there. I watched the Sunset, soaked up the place, took many pictures, and said, ‘Goodbye’.

Very few places like these, where you experience some kind of peace, and your wanderlust finds a home.



Road trip

20180309_093748.jpgI wanted to go to the Triund trek for a very long time. I last travelled to Jim Corbett in the first week of January. I was feeling quite restless because of no travel in the month of February. Almost after a month of planning and deliberations, finally a road trip plan was made. We were a total of 7 people, three from Delhi and rest 4 from Ludhiana.

20180309_012532.jpgWe started from Delhi at about 11.30 pm. The first stop was Haveli, Murthal. After dinner we started off to Dharamshala, Himachal Pradesh. It was my first overnight trip with friends. Oh, the freedom, the night and the never-ending music. Slowly the conversations wean and all that remains is the silence of the night. Sooner or later, sleep catches up with you. It’s not that sound sleep, the comforts of your own bed but somehow it still is enough.

20180309_065431-EFFECTS.jpgWe were able to see the most magical sunrise. Afterwards, we kept stopping many times on the way to enjoy the views, and take pictures. A trip is incomplete without taking a hundred memories back home. We stopped for tea and breakfast. Road trip with friends is a joy and it becomes more about the journey rather than reaching the destination.

20180309_083416.jpgMcleodganj is at a distance of 474 kms from Delhi and we reached there at about 11 am. After checking in to our hotel, we decided to rest for a while. We met our friends from Ludhiana and our trip planner, Bhawna Khanna from Free Birds. Our stay was comfortable and everything was planned well.

20180309_110221.jpgAfterwards, we went to Trek n Dine Cafe, Dharamkot for lunch. I have already posted reviews of this place. More about the trip coming on the blog soon.


Trek n Dine

FILE1468.JPGA visit to Dharamkot, Himachal Pradesh is incomplete without visiting Trek n Dine cafe. The place has beautiful ambience. I personally prefer sitting on the first floor. It has a very soothing decor and happy vibes.

20180309_155218.jpgI have eaten the best food here. We were a group of seven friends and they decided to check out this cafe with me. I have been here last year too and had praised such rave reviews of the place to them. Needless to say, they loved the place and food.

20180309_153702.jpgDuring our visit, we tried Chicken Biryani, Veg Pasta, Hummus with Pita Bread, Chicken Burger, Lamb Burger, Chilli Chicken and Chicken Pizza. My absolute favorite is Chicken Biryani and Hummus with Pita Bread.

20180309_153452.jpgThis place is a must visit if you are travelling to Dharamshala, Mcleodganj or Dharamkot. Last year I went for Kareri trek and this year it was Triund Trek.

More about the trek on the blog soon.