A Mom Who Loves To Travel

Does this look beautiful to you? Of course, it does. But imagine you are a married woman and a mother, and now suddenly you are allowed to travel only with your husband or family. Sounds weird, I know but it’s the truth. Directly or indirectly, on every trip I went on, I have been asked this. So, who is taking care of your daughter? I am tempted to say, ‘my neighbors’, so many times. But that would hurt the sentiments of genuine, curious people I guess.

My husband travels a lot because of his office work both within and outside India. He has never been asked this question. Because everyone assumes it’s the wife back at home. So when I go to travel leaving my daughter behind, I am obviously leaving her with people I trust. Even some of friends will say, why don’t you go travel with your family? I simply can’t take my daughter to mountains. She has motion sickness and some medical issues. I see the judgment in people’s eyes and sometimes it bothers me. They don’t know my story or my struggles. Even if there aren’t any problems, I need my freedom.

Being a mother, my daughter will always come first. I have cancelled many plans for her and will continue to do so in the future too. But what’s the harm in living your life every once in a while? I don’t think it makes a difference in anyone’s life if I travel or not. I don’t care either but I am writing this for women like me out there for whom it becomes difficult to live their life the way they could prior to marriage.

People actually think it’s a compliment when they tell me you are very lucky your husband lets you travel. Lets me! I am married to him but I don’t need his permission. I will discuss my travel plans with him just like every other thing of our day to day life, and we will take decisions together. Family is always a priority but many a times his work comes first, and everyone is okay till the time I am the one making sacrifices. But no one will ask you about them. They only ask about how you manage to travel even with a family. Frankly, it’s no big deal. I pack my bags, and leave. Just like my husband does every single day when he goes to office or when he travels.

There are many travel groups now which cater to exclusive travel for women. I am yet to travel with any of them. I go on group trips with friends, and people I know and trust. That’s the most important thing. I can’t deny the safety issues out there for women. But travel with people who are professional. Build up your confidence, travel knowledge and then you can also go on solo trips.

I am not saying any of this will be easy. But if you really love travel and want to live your life for you, take the first step. I assure you, it’s not selfish. Go travel and discover yourself. You will come back home a happier person, and you will only value your family more. I really hope this article reaches women who need to read this, and I would be glad if this can make a difference in even one woman’s life.

And men who care about the women in their life, gift them the joy of travel.


10 thoughts on “A Mom Who Loves To Travel

  1. That’s very well put! It is a general notion that a married person would go only on ‘family trips’ 🙂
    A couple can have different interests, priorities. Exploring without partner or even going solo once in a while is fantastic!
    May your tribe increase!

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