IMG_20170704_103538_040.jpgDo you ever feel like just walking away, giving up everything and just escape. For a few hours or maybe days. For some people, travel is an escape. They run away from home and find themselves in faraway, stranger lands. For some, escape is a person and that is the worst kind of hell. Don’t be that person. Just travel because it will teach you that you don’t need to lose yourself in another person. Travel because there is more to life than one person who did not love you back. Travel will make you forget your own problems and you will realize how small they are, in the grand scheme of this universe.

Love story

IMG_20170703_102203_250.jpgLife is full of surprises and you never know when a random day can become the most important day of your life, like the day you fall in love for the first time.

He was playing a cricket match when he saw her. She was taking pictures of the sky and he stood there waiting for her to see him. He forgot that he was playing and dropped a catch because he was busy looking at her. That’s when she noticed him and smiled back. He couldn’t wait for the match to get finished. As soon as the match was over, he gathered up all his courage, his furiously beating heart and approached her. He faltered, steps and words, both. She smiled again when she saw him and said, hi. He stood there staring at her, willing his words to come out and she waited for him to say something. He finally told her that she is so beautiful that he dropped the catch and made a fool of himself in front of his mates. She laughed and said, “Well, it’s a stupid game, anyways.” Before that day, he never knew that he could fall in love with a laugh, in moments and for a lifetime. Hardly did he know that she was waiting for him too and just like that, on a beautiful day like today, love happened.